The Hartford Offers Cheaper Car Insurance for AARP Members

With the growing population of baby boomers, AARP recognizes the need to offer cheaper car insurance to the many senior citizens already living on a limited income.  The AARP Auto Insurance Program from the Hartford offers members a generous selection of lower auto insurance premiums without sacrificing the quality of coverage.

What’s Covered?

Although coverage and premiums vary depending on factors such as driving records and geographical locations, the affordable auto insurance program offers financial relief to many seniors enjoying their golden years.   The basics of the lower car insurance coverage include:

•    Bodily Injury Protection
•    Collision
•    Comprehensive
•    Full Glass
•    Medical Payments
•    Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – No Fault
•    Property Damage Liability
•    Rental Reimbursement
•    Uninsured Motorists (including bodily injury and property damages)

In order to determine eligibility and comparing cheaper car insurance quotes, you can begin the process by requesting a cheap quote from AARP.

Features and Benefits of Affordable Auto Insurance

In addition to offering more affordable auto insurance for AARP members, the program also offers exclusive features and benefits that other cheaper vehicle insurance providers don’t provide.  Although some benefits are contingent upon maintaining a good driving record, being physically and mentally capable of driving, state laws, and any existing serious infractions such as a DUI.

Qualifying members for the lower auto insurance rates are also granted access to the following features and benefits:

  1. 12-Month Rate Protection – The affordable car insurance program is a 12-month policy, therefore rates remain locked in for one year.
  2. 24/7 Hassle-Free Claim Service
  3. Decreasing Deductibles – Simply maintaining a clean driving record reduces your collision deductible by $150, with additional annual reeducation of $50 each year with no accidents.
  4. First Accident Forgiveness – The typical premium increase following your first accident is waived, assuming other drivers listed on the policy have a good driving record for previous 5 years.
  5. New Car Replacement – The Hartford affordable auto insurance program will replace the cost for the identical make and model with deducting depreciation if the vehicle is totaled within 15 months and/or 15,000 miles.
  6. Recover Care – The feature pays for home services such as cooking, cleaning, transportation and even yard work if you’re injured in an auto accident and can’t perform the tasks due to the injury.

Whether you’re planning for retirement or already enjoying the golden years, it’s never too late to compare quotes to find cheaper car insurance.  Thanks to the joint effort of The Hartford and AARP, millions of senior citizens appreciate the affordable auto insurance program, as well as the exclusive bells and whistles.

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